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Aerobics Workout for Weight Loss–Low Impact Cardio–30 min–

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Ready to shred body fat, lose inches and sweat? This aerobics workout for weight loss is the perfect low impact cardio workout for you. Easy on the joints,basic and simple. No need to go to a gym. TheBeachBodyMom breaks down all the exercise moves and shows modifications for low back and knee issues too. SO…..are you ready to get in shape, eat right and change your life forever? You have come to the perfect workout site. Energize your body and feel great after your workout. NO need to be sore and so stiff from a workout that you can not move your body the next day.TheBeachBodyMom teaches Cardio/Strength Training/ Pilates & Fitness Ball. ______SUBSCRIBE PLEASE_________________

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My Body Transformation – With a 21 day bulk!

I have struggled balancing all my life goals and ambitions, from studying engineering at uni, gym, social and general hobbies. This is a video of my past and present and that I am now going to show people (and myself) that putting on muscle and getting huge isn’t as hard as people perceive it to be. With the correct nutrition and all your physical strength exerted in the gym you can get what you want quicker than you thought possible. 100% Natural bodybuilding and loving it.

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