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Best Basic Aerobics & Cardio Workout for weight loss! Low Impact

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Stiff muscles and joints? Need a very beginner, basic and simple aerobics and cardio workout that is low impact yet gets your heart rate going? This is the perfect workout for you. Let’s loosen up your muscles and joints, get the blood flowing, burn some calories and have fun the whole time. Feel ENERGIZED and LOOSENED up after this workout. TheBeachBodyMom teaches low impact and joint friendly workouts. Modifications are given in every workout. If you have low back issue to knee concerns you will learn how to workout correctly for your body. Change your life today! Press PLAY and let’s begin.

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A week of Female Weight Training @ Retro Fitness #POGarmy 1/2013

By Posted on 7 1 m read

I was an avid home DVD workout person. I lost 100lbs on my own working out at home ;). In October my boyfriend found a series of videos from POG (Physiques of Fitness) geared towards getting beginners into the gym. I decided to give it a try. My first PUSH day was on 11/24/2012. These were…

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