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A week of Female Weight Training @ Retro Fitness #POGarmy 1/2013

By Posted on 7 1 m read

I was an avid home DVD workout person. I lost 100lbs on my own working out at home ;). In October my boyfriend found a series of videos from POG (Physiques of Fitness) geared towards getting beginners into the gym. I decided to give it a try. My first PUSH day was on 11/24/2012. These were…

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Gain Muscle: How Much Do I Need To Eat To Gain Muscle Mass & Strength: Bodybuilding Macros Explained

By Posted on 12 1 m read

Subscribe Like Follow Gain Muscle Mass with this bodybuilding diet video. Since opening up the Shreddybrek Best Youtube Fitness Channel, one of the most common questions I’ve been asked is “how much do I need to eat to gain weight/mass/muscle” It looks as though many youtubers wants the no nonsense muscle building diet. Well I try and answer that in this video here about muscle building foods, calories and bodybuilding nutrition. How much protein should you eat for muscle gain? How much carbohydrates should you eat to gain muscle? How much fat’s do you need to eat to add muscle size? In this bodybuilding mass gaining video I explain what has worked for me to add mass & gain strength. This type of muscle building diet won’t get you

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